Stress-Free Fundraising Program

  • Fundraising Item: Boston Butt with up to $5.00 PROFIT per Boston Butt sold. Sale Price $20 each.
  • Easy, Convenient, Highly Profitable and STRESS-FREE.
  • No names or phone numbers to keep up with.
  • No deliveries for you to make.
  • Pick up Boston Butt at the customer's convenience.
  • DRIVE-THRU PICKUP AVAILABLE (The customer can go through the drive-thru and redeem the ticket).
  • For your convenience, the customer has 90 days to pickup their Boston Butt(s). Boston Butts can be picked up after 10:30am Monday-Saturday.
  • We order the tickets for you.
  • Once deadline for selling tickets is up, bring the unsold tickets and we will charge you for the cost of the tickets & any tickets you have not returned.
  • YOU sell the TICKETS - YOU collect the PROFIT - WE do all the WORK.
  • All you do is sell the item and then we take it from there.
  • For more information or details about YOUR next fundraiser, please call your local Hog-N-Bones.

Fundraising FAQ - click the question to see the answer

What is the fundraising item?
Smoked Boston Butt
What responsibility do I have after I sale a ticket?
Simple just turn the money in to the head of the fundraiser on your sale cutoff date
How much profit can my fundraiser make off each butt sold?
Up to $5.00 (Current market price will determine)
Where can the butt be picked up at?
Hog-N-Bones restaurant listed on the ticket
How long do I have to pick the butt up?
90 days (see ticket expiration date)
Do I need to call before I pick up my butt?
No, just present your ticket at the time of pick up
What days and time can I pick my butt up?
Any time after 10:30am Monday-Saturday
Can I still pick up my butt if the ticket is expired?
Sorry, tickets cannot be redeemed after the expiration date
Where do I get the tickets to sale?
We order tickets for you (can also have your logo on the ticket)
Who pays for the ticket?
The fundraising party purchases the tickets. It can be deducted at the end of the sale.
What quantities of tickets are available?
Booklet of 100, 250, 350 or 500

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