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The Hog-N-Bones Story

Say what? A full southern homemade breakfast! Real authentic Bar-B-Q! All served smokin’ fast in our rustic dining atmosphere or through our smokin’ fast drive-thru?!?

That’s right, finally that Bar-B-Q place that offers Breakfast & Bar-B-Q! You can get Hog-N-Bones by dining in with us, carrying it out, through our smokin’ fast drive-thru or we can cater your next event by dropping the food off to you or you picking it up from us.

We love Bar-B-Q, but we noticed that to get “the good Bar-B-Q” we had to go inside and spend over an hour of a thirty minute lunch break to get it. Or we had to wait in line outside at a ridiculously slow pick-up window, not a drive-thru. So, we started thinking, there has to be a better way.

We’ve been in the restaurant business since 1985 in what’s well known, in our local community, as Jerry J’s which is based out of Waycross Georgia. We’ve been serving up full southern homemade breakfast and home style country cooking in record times from inside our restaurant and through our convenient fast drive thru service for all of these years.

We took everything we knew from our experience with Jerry J’s and applied that to serving a full southern homemade breakfast and Bar-B-Q the same way. That’s when Hog-N-Bones, Breakfast & Bar-B-Q, was started.

We feel that offering that southern homemade breakfast, real Bar-B-Q menu items, a great family atmosphere, and a smokin’ fast drive-thru that we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Since 2007 we’ve been whipping up real food real fast to all of our customers, and we really love to serve!

That’s who we are…Hog-N-Bones.

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